Existence in all possible forms is currently overwritten by a demoralising scale of inaccessible subjectivity. Life and its (dis)contents have become blisteringly complex and stuffed with oscillate extremes of cheap highs and existential dread. The[REDACTED]information cycle offers respite for civilians to obscure esoteric meta-languages with dark humour and perverse insinuation, hopeful that this comedy of manners can finally yield some return. GR10Kaw22<(EPILOGUE)>infiltrates , disturbs this empire of appearances and its repressed dogmatic conventions. Exploring themes of invisibility, privacy, control, and resilience, the body (wearer) becomes implicated through the collection’s undetectable outerwear: technical skeleton jackets and overpants with deformed knees; purple, fire- and bullet-proof leftovers disseminated into various pieces, mixed with knit and elasticated materials; heavyweight jersey in stock cuts; and a semi-formal schoeller®-dynamic trouser. Sculptured, matte fabrics bonded with ultrasound technology create an optical distortion. Shirts and pants appear to be digital renders for open world environments; gut-protecting kidney belts with pockets and a dysmorphic mask as optional reinforcements. Primitive shells made of wool cloth provide protective measures without a technical membrane. Turenere leather engineering enforces a currency holder and dichotomous soft–sturdy artefacts in brutal dissonance.

Beyond the vague paradigm of utilitarianism in “nascent design,” this conceptual survey involves hyper-manipulated construction tactics with banal interventions and abject ideologies, rendering each piece a reflexive mirror of contemporary culture; a twisted joke. In the thinking of pissed off Substack writers everywhere, one could consider product development the birthplace of human void and violence beyond that of lab-grown content tranquillisers and secular metaverses. A carabiner decorated with pearls reflects the collection’s greater undercurrent of sadistic showmanship, where desire and consumption constructs collapse in on themselves; the idiotic doomer, aseptic and tonedeaf, instinctively smiles politely before the fantasy falls apart.


   <option class=”Deepshit computing over natural resources distaste from communal pollution consumptiOn over scarecowOos – booooring” value=”” >1_AW22</option> – “Cut Hands has the Solution”. Birdseed, 2003 – <Francis bacon is lame – fake woke guys doing non-profit projects to vindicate…::::Detail from ‘Girl with Roses’, 1947-8. Courtesy of the British Council Collection. Photo © The British Council © The Lucian Freud Archive / Bridgeman Images. 

Gr10kf22 is equally adept at twisting melons as dislocating limbs. Double yikes, if advertising $$ is your thing. Mourning another huge round of layoffs is a regular bonding experience for people in the industry.” value=”” >1_AW22</option> – “Cut Hands has the Solution”. Birdseed, 2003 – <Francis bacon is lame – You think decades into their media career, the writers who decamped to Substack said to themselves “you know, I’d really like to be in my 40s and having to hope that enough people will pitch in $5 a month so I can pay my mortgage”? We Like Philosophers And Live Like Fools. Porn stars are being forced to quit the industry after Viagra substitute addictions leave them with 12 hour erections. We are all disposable, tube-site celebrities, living month-to-month, and dissolving barriers between consumer and consumed…catatonic, cacophonic, epilogues, prologues, commentary, fk faced feedback loops::::\\\\