Out of the multitudes and deep into reality. Increased societal tension bonded with modern capital infrastructures are making the case for new branded sources of simplicity, a discipline of disappearance, incognito mode. Reducing information, figurative instalments and narrative consequentiality from youth subcultures and current garmentshabits AW24 is a reflection on the as-of-now as a low budget thriller and minimalist thriller, where operatives, physical pain, training sessions and in-tune technologies are stacked into a new layer of clearness.
The collectionis an unconscious scanning of all the style arrangements, randomly assembled systems and forcefully neutral attires that seems to be the receptacle of a new expanse, a desire of cut-down visualness, the seemingly orderly force gathering most of state-of-art non-primary fashion buying patterns. To blend in, to belong to, to be part of an urgent status of extant present, filtered by waves of automated imaging.

Gr10k Incognito stages a newfangled thriller, where disappearing into crowds and social groups stops definite forms, created stalking and shooting jpgs in contemporary cities such as Tokyo, Seoul, London and Hamburg, Los Angeles targeting all the figures that composes the background of visibility, an approximation of freedom. The garments are radically assembled as a line of thought and a restless casting of characters and features, by downgrading technical jackets with plastics monickers - Scooby doo strings- exaggerating colors and layering, clustering formats, style stereotypes and the insane attention we devolve to hype into a grotesque commentary, an actual picture. An europrotect jacket, installing rigidity into sweatshirt looseness, parkas as exteriors factoring hideout, out-of-purpose color sampling as additional gothic destabilizers, do-gooders jumpers with embedded strings - no grunge, nondescript wool outwear as resonant samplers, any shirt apt for a 170 mega mhz lavalier microphones, all fabrics prone to surveillance and noise.

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camera: Canon G600 series