Service Engineering Has Always Dismissed Fashion Sensibilities For Over-Performing And Un-Fun Technological
Ideologies. The SS23 Collection Agglomerates Habits And Performance Features Of Garments Critically Sourced
From 4th Degree Industrial Landscapes And The Diverse Depths Of Knowledge Capital. The Increase In Finite And
Precision Engineering Has Resulted In A Disconnect Between Fashion-Lexicon And Cultural Areas Previously Used
As Source Codes For Their Ease Of Association. The Collection Embarks On A Less Technical Approach Through
Abstract Formal Wear, Rough Fabric Cuts And Silhouettes, Such As An Erroneous Knee-Length Trousers, And Plain,
Defiled Knitwear. Demote Stands For A Downgrade In Terms Of Over Technical Fabric Research And Development,
In Favour Of A Renewed Need For Plain Clothes Personnel In The Labour Sphere. Today’s Integrated Intelligence
And Technological Capital Merge With A Complete Disbandment Over An Archaic Cultural Milieu, Where Leisure
And Anger Performance Represent A New Quest For Demotion, A Noise-Cancellation Stasis Over Cognitariant
Exploitation. No Faces, Pure Performance.

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