GR10K AW23 “MITCHELL DEMAND LCC” is a wardrobe study for a speculative robotics department within a fake offshore holding facility. There’s also a British Ltd. company that’s sitting there dormant. Desperate for banality, consultants and technology officers speedtype the unique value proposition of inexplicit corporate governance and a vague resource structure. Heated debates within a morally bankrupt enterprise result in accountabilities laid bare amid grievance procedures and corporate personality controversies.

The aesthetic of this collection is very normal. Defunct archive objects are made technically irrelevant and ambiguous frameworks promise stealthier solutions. Muted tones make it easier to back out quietly if objectives aren’t being met, which may be understood as a metaphor for silence. Department nerds wear full zip jackets, heavy knits, neck warmers and company-issued identity card lanyards. Glass-scratching IBQ fibres and displaced greens are isolated incidents of concern. Robust shapes resist otherwise undercover uniforms for the fragrant and flower-bearing consultant. Recurrences of aramidic knit, polartec microgrid and alpha are letterheads of resilience. New products are workstreamed with trusted professionals: glove specialist ESKA, military footwear Montebove, and an idea for a waterproof sack in collaboration with R&D lab OKOMdsu. Second choicemilitary materials, Italian wools and Gore-Tex infer a scripted and bottomless pitch to the strategic committee: something very dark. The ending approaches imperceptibility.

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