Gr10k presents at Dover Street Market Ginza a set of garments belonging to the main line of gr10k, a proprietary re-collection of technical materials and contemporary nuances, demoted in austerity.

Three waterproof hard shell pieces made of deadstock 2L Gore-tex, retrieved from an Italian motorcycle company. A long coat, a workwear collar jacket and an overpant. An amass of bags made in one single material from an array of post-consumption mixed fabrics.

The raw and crude quality of garments is reflected in the as-is presentation of study prototypes developed by Armature Globale as part of a general research by the two entities on the creation of new retail mannequins and display tropes.
Armature Globale has been working on low-end, bad-sculptural mock-ups using salvaged plastic mannequins as a platform to advance on the standard typo

logy of retail mannequins, the aim of this research is how to avoid design value and re-set the audit process of shopping via proxy figures.

The mock-ups were taken as is from the studio, acting as raw and initial studies on the melting of plastics.
A general unease with retail environments, a celebration of formlessness and anti- composition, a reconciliatory and severe reckoning of times, the peaceful trope of chaos.

The capsule and installation are available from October 28th, 2023, via the Dover Street Market Ginza.

Photo credit: Laar

Sculptures: Armature Globale