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Assembled capsule collection composed by a tailored overshirt made with HEAVY DUTY DEADSTOCK 260G T4 PANAMA REPS and shell  SKELETON SHELL MADE WITH TAPED DEADSTOCK MILITARY GORE-TEX®️, all composing a generalized statement on garment habits and deployable attire of young practitioners bearing printed graphical working labels.

The collection completes the release of MOSHIPIT, published by Kaleidoscope, a book chronicling in monograph mode the early works of european emerging practice Armature Globale. @armatureglobale


Architecture today is performed with poor attachment to its actual means of production, a detachment measured in high-end v-ray renderings batched and polished by adjunct creative offices of London, Los Angeles, Hamburg and Milan. An OCD detailing toward a cannibalising sensibleness. 

Today large portions of architecture are produced via CAD-CAM clickbait performed by mid-30s young adults in a permanent commuting state, outside of the normalcy and economy of practicing architecture. Fewer and fewer occasions are left for independent studios to perform with any form of potent regime.  

The actual means of production of contemporary european architecture are made by the approximately 600,000 European architects populating the continent, sacrificing and spilling immaterial bood. 

Emerging offices could not survive without the combined efforts of young adults managing all background operations. GR10K – with the release of Moshpit – celebrates the unrestrained force of these young guns by portraying the core of Armature Globale as they should be rendered.

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