Salomon Fell Raiser Mid x GR10k a.k.a. Terrain-Vore 

Gr10k stands for smart application of practical fabrics and garment technologies within the full-cycle of fashion. Informally branded as “Terrain-Vore” this shoe is a testimony of the full integration and widespread availability of defence garments technology within the spheres of normalised end-user habits. Light-weightness, fierce grippin casting, all terrain flexibility and dryfast construction materials represent deployable features for tactical terrain systems. Their upscaling within urban territories mirror escape needs and potential freedom.

The Fell Raiser Mid has been selected for a re-construction of its primary use as a defense category and its rebuilding as a walk-technology for un-charted sustainable territories.
The color grading, based on marble fragments and construction gravels – merge and connect with GR10K current investigation on the politics of usage and culture, taking steps from chapters of Die Ästhetik des Wider- stands – The Aesthetics of Resistance by Peter Weiss and its advanced look on classical art as a platform for creative intelligence and trail between cultures.

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