Technical Sneakers seem to have a singular use. No blistering. A mode that is either fully technical or fully outdoor. No chattering. It seems their use is totally limited to outer areas, nature uncompromised by technology, physical effort as the only human factor and engine. A natural end zone, off-grid. Esil has been designed to match motorsport and asphalt tracks. Noisy two strokes, grained and consumed Vega wheels as the last remnants of the nostalgic process of using engine technology, merging urban development. Tarmac with placid natural mitigation. Racing as a platform. Go karts as drones.

L47420000_0_GHO_X-ALP_GR10K_Black__Metal__Black.jpg 1000x1000 Jpg image

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X_ALP_ESILL_GR10K_Satoshi_Fujiwara_005_web_c750cdcf-6d2c-4fe4-832a-5b490b066ce5.jpg 1200x1500 Jpg image

X_ALP_ESILL_GR10K_Satoshi_Fujiwara_004_web_e4347772-396e-49cf-9d9f-e393bbca0a20.jpg 1200x1500 Jpg image

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VID_34217.m3u8 1280x720 M3u8 video
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VID_34217.m3u8 1280x720 M3u8 video
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