On the occasion of WORKSOUT’s 20th anniversary, GR10K and WORKSOUT have devised a winter uniform for the workers of Mitchell Demand LCC, a speculative robotics facility in which GR10K’s current collection takes ground. The capsule is accompanied by an in-store installation by @nonphysical_____as and Pietro Servalli at the Worksout store in Seoul.

How do objects necessary for planetary-scale computation deform the territories of beauty and image? The fixture of Software in e-commerce clouds, smart grids, and automated-anything, often overshadow their physical counterparts: storage infrastructures, machine parts, modems and display devices, which in their embryonic state entomb the poetic qualities of an unseen population, fundamental to the cause however unfavoured.

The objects displayed are made of composite materials and techno-polymers belonging to Mitchell Demand LCC. They are manually epoxy-puttied 3D prints that conjure mass hardware prototyping practices unique to their invisible counterparts. The main module containing these objects, made of painted MDF and wrapped in corset-like pillows, brings to question the pressure of Mitchell Demand’s most important executive meetings–of which one particular board member recalls “tension you could cut with a knife.” The installation is complete with a video piece capturing the company’s IT staff and committee members typing furiously and conducting video calls with major connections issues–futile exercises before another corporate controversy or algorithmic collapse.

The capsule is made up of hard shell waterproof jackets, padded worker jackets, pants, first layers, and an IBQ cap, and is available from September 15th, 2023, 

via the WORKSOUT Seoul Apgujeong store – 20-4, Seolleung-ro 157-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea