Emergent brands are forcefully pushing details, descriptions and references. Truthfulness computes scarcity and simple inspiration is as scary as simplification. For this collection, GR10K tried to create a stable platform; a definition of boundaries and styles that could expand and propel creativity without being force-fed by it. We found ourselves back in places and spaces that could encapsulate and foster any spectrum of creativity, being it violently repugnant or gently murderous, as art has always been. Pieces offer safety measures from subliminal violence: light wool uniforms, technical canvas, Baselitz yellow, double stretch IBQ fabric, bomber arms, compressed foam, steel panels, silver pins, wood frames. We have been brought back to studio practice and consumed by porn magazine volumes such as Kunstforum International “Das Atelier Als Manifest” issue n. 208, dedicated to the crude and cheesy portrayal of artists in their atelier, plural formats of angst for multiple degrees of humanity and action in all formats.