Dressing up disappearance; in periods of crisis and concealment, brands are taking advantage of the obstacle. The tumultuous youth are a product of their environment, mutant formations of the material realm. Academic freedom; GR10K avows autonomy and non-belonging. Its enlisted users should reject the conformity and hypocrisy of the organised myopic and widespread corruption of the fashion industry. Constants; to build while everything is collapsing around oneself. Forming alliances to violently disconnect and re-code the exhausted form and contemporary demand for collaborations which are conceived under extreme constraints within the current fashion climate.


re-appropriates multifarious garments previously assembled for unrestrained resistance. A subordinate coterie taking a purblind askance approach to the current cataclysmic fashion crux. We aim to calibrate a destructive territorial vision that ruptures the present ideal. GR10K, operates as a phantom splinter group of Grassi Alfredo SPA, a factory that has been producing uniforms designed for labour intensive industries and the military sectors since 1925.